Zan's Al Platform: Your key to employee safety and peace of mind
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Making cleaning and disinfection transparent to provide a sense of comfort and confidence to building occupants.

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Enhance the user experience by engaging the building occupants to provide feedback.
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Enable responsible social distancing behavior by providing real time occupancy data.
Mobile cleansparency

Real Time Toilet/Restroom Feedback System

Improve user experience by engaging your building occupants. Provide transparency about the cleaning process and a sense of comfort during the post COVID reopening. As part of the reopening, the key concerns are hygiene and social distancing. Cleansparency, aided by Zan’s AI platform and smart sensors, provides the peace of mind to the building occupants by providing details of cleaning and disinfection in a given area. Cleansparency also provides the necessary data like real time occupancy to enable responsible social distancing.


Improve the user experience by engaging the building occupants to understand their experience and pain points while using the building amenities. Very simple, intuitive and no-touch interface on a web portal that captures the details of specific issues in a given area. The building occupants do not need an app, they scan the QR code with their smart phone camera to access the web portal. The system includes real time notification to the cleaning crew to attend to the customer complaints and trend analysis using Zan’s powerful AI platform to understand any chronic issues.

Janitor Task List

End user safety and peace of mind is an important aspect of opening commercial facilities post COVID 19. It is also important for building owners and property managers to get cleaning and disinfection data about all common areas in the building. Zan’s cleansparency screens for Janitor makes it all possible. By scanning the QR code with Zan app, the Janitors are given a list of cleaning and disinfection tasks for that area and they can mark it done once they finish it.


Restroom Feedback System

Building occupants, customers, employees and guests, should have access to information related to cleaning / disinfection schedules. It is critical for the cleaning staff to publish a schedule and document each cleaning visit to an area. The information can be provided to the occupants in specific locations, in terms of “last clean time”, "last disinfection time" etc. or can be made available to the building occupants and visitors by just scanning a QR code in an area and getting the relevant cleaning information.

User Feedback

Zan's powerful "Cleansparency'' washroom feedback system provides complete visibility to the cleaning process. It improves the user experience by engaging the building occupants and getting their feedback on key performance indicators relating to the restrooms. Cleansparency gives a simple, intuitive and no-touch interface on a web portal, the building occupants do not need an app, they can scan the QR code with their smartphone camera to access the web portal.

Janitor Feedback

Zan’s Cleansparency serves as a tool for the janitors to provide their fault reporting too. By scanning the QR code with Zan's mobile app, the janitors are given a list of cleaning and disinfection tasks for that area and they can mark it done once they finish it. At the end of the activity the janitors can use the same app to give feedback to the building management on areas that need their attention e.g. broken sink, leaky tap or other toilet service that need the maintenance crew to take a look.

Independent Check by Facility Supervisor

Cleansparency app can be used by facility supervisors to conduct an inspection of the facilities for validation and compliance. They can check whether the janitors have done their work properly, whether they spent the right amount of time in cleaning the facility etc. and they can also send SMS or notification to relevant janitors from within the app if they see the need for prompt corrective action.

Benefit of Toilet Feedback System

Streamlines the feedback process

Toilet feedback systems / Restroom feedback systems streamline the feedback process. QR codes are placed at the entrance of every restroom to facilitate Restroom Feedback Surveys or customer complaints immediately after the user has been through the restroom experience.

Instant feedback alerts resulting in immediate action

Service issues like leaking tap, dirty floors, overflowing trash bins and empty soap dispensers get reported in real time through the touch feedback system. Depending upon the rating given, the user will be asked to provide additional details to drill down on the real issue. Alerts get generated to the relevant supervisors for them to trigger the remedial action without any delay.

Dashboard for root cause analysis

Toilet feedback system dashboards provide a detailed view of key performance indicators, problems reported and remedial actions taken over different time periods, days of the week or across different buildings.

No more paper

Traditional methods involve paper checklists in restrooms which are rarely filled by the janitors and even more rarely analysed by the supervisors. These become redundant with Zan's Cleansparency customer feedback system.

Unclean toilets create bad perception

Hygiene issues, like unclean toilets, foul smell, leaking taps or urinals, empty toilet rolls create bad perception. Issues that make the restroom experience unpleasant should be anticipated and fixed before they happen and at least as soon as the first service request gets raised.

Washroom Feedback Surveys using touch feedback system

When an organisation takes feedback (or does washroom survey) it creates an impression that it cares and when it acts on the feedback immediately it quite often results in service redemption. Toilet feedback systems have become indispensable now across all commercial buildings.

Monitor Janitor Performance

The best judge of the janitor's performance is the end user of the facility. Using a Restroom Feedback System like Cleansparency, the organisation can track performance of individual janitors and see performance trends over time. This makes the cleaning staff feel more responsible for their work.

Workplace hygiene is non-negotiable

Employees and guests expect hygienic and safe work environments across all times. This cannot be traded for good quality elsewhere in the organization.

Use Data Analytics to get powerful insights

Cleansparency coupled with Zanitor uses real-time and historical data to draw powerful insights into the cleaning process and the overall experience. Management decisions on chronic issues can be based on scientific data rather than intuition.