Smart Restroom Management System

The bathroom is one of the most critical places in the workplace, especially during flu season. In fact, according to the CDC, up to 50% of people who contract influenza while working miss work because of illness. This makes it essential that businesses take proper precautions to ensure employees remain healthy and productive.

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in employee health and safety regulations. These include hand washing stations, proper restroom cleaning, and a proper supply of restroom consumables. But despite these efforts, many companies still need help to keep their bathrooms clean and sanitary.

Also, managing commercial washrooms on manual inspection is cost intensive. Most of the commercial washrooms face the biggest challenge of cleanliness which further increases the demand for smart washroom systems. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets have led to a surge in the number of connected toilets and urinals. And with the introduction of IoT technology, smart restroom technology has taken the smart restroom management system to the next level.

But what exactly does IoT mean? Simply put, IoT refers to connecting physical objects to the internet. With IoT, you can connect almost anything to the web - including appliances, vehicles, buildings, and pets. And thanks to the proliferation of sensors, data collection, and cloud computing, IoT allows us to collect information about our environment and make decisions based on that information. Smart Restroom technology has the ability to monitor toilet paper levels, occupancy levels, the trend of usage throughout the day, etc. These features help businesses save operational costs and improve the productivity of appointed janitors, ensuring the best restroom management systems. Whether it is a commercial washroom or a facility washroom, smart restroom management systems are a boon for each kind.

Role of IoT in Turning Restrooms Smarter:

According to a report by Gartner Inc., the worldwide market for smart toilets was USD 4.93 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach a valuation of USD 12.7 billion by 2025.

IoT is a cloud-based connection among the restroom's physical devices to monitor, track and receive real-time data from identifying and resolving issues before they start creating problems. Smart restroom management system is based on accurate data results to ensure optimized.

From soap dispensers to paper towels, tissues, sanitizers, etc., the guesswork on refilling, troubles of stock runout, and day-to-day checks on their restocking can be avoided with smart restroom management systems. The IoT-connected dispensers have a sensor that transmits usage and other data via the cloud, Wi-Fi, or another third-party cellular network. Building managers and janitors can access this data from any device and use it to determine when to refill supplies and how much to order.

The smart restroom management systems also allow building owners to remotely control the cleaning regime and optimize the janitor operating expenses by focusing on the areas that require frequent cleaning.

In the same amount of time, you can expect better cleaning services by allocating the priorities in order for the commercial washroom. Here are some of the key benefits that smart restroom owners enjoy:

Improvised Maintenance Schedules

The enhanced maintenance schedules feature you to track each restroom, including the number of times it has been used over a specified period. You can easily see how often the restroom has been cleaned, what cleaning products are used, and the amount of time spent on each task. It helps you plan your next restroom cleaning schedule, ensuring that your employees spend less time cleaning and more time maintaining cleanliness.

Controlling the Consumable and Waste

With a smart restroom management system, staff typically can check bathrooms at scheduled times. It can lead to wasted time and resources.

An IoT-powered solution alerts your maintenance team before a device is replaced or serviced. Staff members no longer worry about missing out on important work due to downtime. Instead, they can focus on productive activities.

Improved Occupant Experience

Smart restroom technology are helping businesses cut down on bathroom waste and complaints about running low on supplies. The technology allows consumers to set up reminders to refill their toilet paper and soap dispensers. And it helps prevent out-of-stock situations by alerting users when the supply runs low

Better Facility Appearance

A clean restroom is one of the most critical factors in determining whether or not a facility receives positive customer reviews. A survey found that nearly half of respondents consider a clean restroom among the three most important aspects of a hotel experience. It makes it easy to see why facilities managers are looking into ways to improve the appearance of restrooms throughout their properties. Hence smart restroom management systems become imperative in ensuring the best cleaning for toilets.

Exploring IoT in Restroom Management

Smart restroom technology is well-known among building owners for reducing energy usage. They include automated lighting controls and HVAC systems. Meanwhile, automation and control systems (BATCS) deliver robust data on everything, such as space utilization and traffic patterns, enabling managers to make smart decisions.

But a new generation of building Internet of Things (IoT) systems can also ease occupants' concerns about health and hygiene. A smart restroom sews several devices and applications into a comprehensive strategy for managing on-demand washroom operations.

Connected dispensers for soap and other items keep a running tally of their contents and alert staff when they're due for a refill (or replacement). Non-invasive traffic counters track occupancy, measuring facility usage in real time. This information helps facilities meet their goals and avoid costly penalties.

Why Choose Zan Compute for Smart Restroom Management System?

Your washrooms are a vital part of your business. They are where people come together, socialize, relax, eat, and drink. But what happens when they need to be fixed? When they're dirty, noisy, poorly maintained, or just plain old? Smart Restroom Technology helps businesses manage their washrooms better, allowing them to focus on running their business rather than managing their washrooms. We offer a range of solutions, including washroom monitoring systems, hand dryers, soap dispensers, urinal sensors, toilet paper dispensers, and much more.

Our smart restroom management system allows us to monitor every aspect of your washroom, providing you with detailed information about your washroom equipment usage. With this information, we can quickly identify problems and take action to prevent future issues.

We know that keeping your washrooms clean and hygienic is essential, but it's also vital to ensure they run smoothly. So whether you want to save money on maintenance, increase productivity or ensure everyone feels welcome, we've got the solution for you.

Email Alerts & Notifications

Get instant alerts and notifications via email whenever there is an issue with your washroom. We'll send you a notification if any consumable falls short of. You can set the benchmark and once the supply dips below the benchmark, you will get an automated mail notification.

Real-Time Data Analytics

With our advanced analytics platform in our smart, we provide you with insights into when your washrooms are used at most and when not. Our dashboard gives you access to all the metrics you need to understand how your washrooms are used, so you can quickly spot trends and curate an adequate maintenance schedule.

Customized Solution

The rapid growth of digital hygiene products requires you to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Our Smart Hygiene solution helps you do just that. We work closely with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your project, helping you identify opportunities to improve performance and increase efficiency.

And because we are always looking ahead, we can offer you a complete range of hygiene management software solutions that meet your current requirements while anticipating future challenges.

How does Zan Compute for Smart Restroom management System work?

Zan Compute's Smart Restroom Monitoring Systems help ensure restrooms are stocked, and fixtures are functioning. This system monitors restroom usage and alerts managers when the supply of toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer, and trash bins needs to be replenished.

Smart washroom systems provide real-time data about restroom usage and inventory levels, helping facilities improve sanitation and reduce cross-contamination risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Interesting About A Smart Restroom?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept where everything around us becomes connected and can communicate with each other. In the case of a smart bathroom, the bathroom itself is connected to the outside world via sensors.

This feature allows a facilities manager to easily monitor and manage the restrooms without hiring additional employees. For example, a facility manager could check how many people use the restroom daily, what times those people come in, and whether there are any issues with the restroom.

Why Should A Business Establishment Upgrade To A Smart Restroom?

Smart restroom management systems are becoming increasingly popular among businesses due to their many benefits. These include enhancing hygiene practices, promoting good customer experience, advancing sustainability, minimizing staff burnout, accurate monitoring, and much more.

The technology behind smart toilets is rapidly evolving, and companies are now able to integrate multiple sensors into one unit. It allows businesses to collect data about how people use the restroom, identify potential problems, and adjust accordingly.

How Beneficial Are Smart Washrooms?

Smart toilets are one of the latest innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT) field. They are expected to significantly improve consumer experience and employee well-being while lowering operational expenses.

The most popular use case for IoT toilets is optimizing refilling operations. With real-time data, facility managers can keep track of restroom consumables. Another common feature is sending alerts when maintenance is needed.

Why should Facility managers opt for Smart Restrooms?

Facility managers have been using manual methods to monitor their restroom management system for years. However, these methods are labor-intensive and prone to human error.

With the introduction of IoT technologies, facility managers can automate this process by installing smart washroom sensors on restroom fixtures. The sensors then send information back to the server, which can be accessed through an app or website. These systems allow facility managers to get real-time updates about restroom usage and inventory. It helps them plan and keep their supplies supplied.

Another benefit is that these systems can alert facility managers if something goes wrong. Smart Washroom sensors can automatically notify the facility manager if it detects a leak.

These systems also enable facility managers to monitor restroom usage. By knowing how often people visit the restroom, they can determine whether the restrooms need cleaning.