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Zan Compute provides Zanitor, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based facility maintenance platform with advanced sensing and machine learning that better suits the needs of property owners, managers, service providers and occupants. Zan’s solution is a mobile/cloud-based solution that focuses on automating the custodial process through AI. The platform allows facility managers and building service providers to track real time cleaning incidents and maintain quality of service in an easy, efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Sensors for consumable dispensers

Zan Compute’s smart & wireless sensors retrofit any existing dispensers and eliminate any need for infrastructure changes. They measure and securely send data on any consumable: ranging from toilet paper, paper towels, trash can garbage levels, water faucets for usage and leaks, soap levels, hand sanitizer levels and material inventory. The data is sent to the Zan cloud using state-of-the-art encryption protecting the data-in-motion.

ZanWave Occupancy Sensor

Based on radar technology, ZanWave is a privacy aware occupancy sensor (not a camera). It tracks occupancy, usage and traffic in all common areas of a facility, including restrooms and drives data driven cleaning.

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Zanitor (Zan’s AI engine)

Enables proper utilization of labor for cleaning and disinfecting the common areas based on usage, resulting in labor savings of 20 to 30 percent.

Quality of Service

Exceptional user experience for building occupants- reducing customer complaints by 70 to 80 percent.

Sustainable cleaning process

Reduces material wastage by 40 to 50 percent.


Zan’s system is also a very cost effective solution with pay back period of 8 to 10 months with its savings.


Improve the user experience by engaging the building occupants to understand their experience and pain points while using the building amenities. The system includes real time notification to the cleaning crew to attend to the customer complaints and trend analysis using Zan’s powerful AI platform to understand any chronic issues.

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Smart Monitoring System

Zan Compute, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT) company has developed a smart monitoring system with focus on optimizing janitorial services and floor space utilization. Zan’s smart building IoT solutions technology has been proven in the field of facilities management with over 20,000 sensors deployed in production at various facilities including commercial office buildings, airports, and health care facilities. Zan compute has over 7 years of experience delivering machine learning based solutions and helping its clients and owners exceed their goals for customer satisfaction and achieving a return on investment in less than 12 months after deployment, mainly by optimizing labor utilization, reducing material waste, and reducing energy consumption. Zan's solution covers the entire building including common areas like conference rooms, lobby etc. to provide a comprehensive view of the end-to-end cleaning process.

One of the key components of Zan’s solution is ZanWave, a radar based occupancy tracking / traffic monitoring sensor- that can be used in all the common areas and open spaces in a building to collect occupancy/usage data and drive cleaning requirements based on AI. ZanWave is privacy protecting and can sense through the ceiling and it measures occupancy accurately. It is a millimeter wave radar-based people sensor. No images or personal information will be collected. The sensor can monitor a zone of up to ~1000 sq ft to detect occupancy and bi-directional traffic flow to 95% accuracy.

The sensor can be installed at every entrance either immediately below or within the ceiling as appropriate for the specific configuration of the target area. Large common areas may require multiple ZanWaves for complete monitoring. This is a powered sensor that uses POE as the power source.

This drives Zan’s AI-powered data analytics engine to combine it with other data in all areas, including trash and consumables data to predict the cleaning requirements driving just-in-time cleaning and facility management.

Sensors play a key role in the cleaning process of building operations and access control systems, features like density / traffic estimation in restrooms / common areas, monitoring cleaning tasks and compliance become critical. These are key inputs to data driven cleaning and disinfection processes, which define the right type of cleaning needed in the right area at the right time.

Zan's solution captures all relevant factors that determine a facility’s servicing needs, including:
  • Occupants’ traffic patterns and the conditions that affect them day-to-day
  • Facility’s size and industry
  • Event schedules related to facility use (ex. flight arrivals, class schedules, conferences, etc.)
  • Weather and season, air-conditioning, lighting systems, IOT applications
  • Other data inputs from third party service providers in building automation

Workplace Hygiene

Expectations of rest room cleanliness and user experience are rising while the labor to perform essential servicing is becoming more expensive and harder to find. Responsible material and waste management is more important than ever, unsustainable consumption is no longer acceptable. We believe these challenges are best solved with innovation, primarily by automating functions of providing service and reducing waste.

Additionally, COVID-19 has put cleaning and disinfection to be the front and center of facility maintenance. While the cleaning industry is crafting new processes and implementation strategies, it is important to consider the technology solutions that will make those processes more efficient and effective. Ultimately the goal will be to provide the safest environment and lowest operating costs for building owners and tenants.

Our technology provides you with best insights into your facility's usage and people traffic to reduce your material wastage and carbon footprint, and save on labor costs by transforming your custodial and maintenance servicing to be data-driven and AI powered.

Hand Hygiene in Hospitals

Hospitals and medical care providers are seeing the need to enforce and monitor compliance with hand hygiene and sanitisation across all medical and support staff before they come into contact with patients. They are turning to Smart Building IoT solutions and AI smart monitoring systems to address this need.

Cleaning Transparency

Zan's smart restroom technology is a building management system that provides transparency and efficiency to the cleaning process, what we call Cleansparency, and a sense of security to the building occupants during the post COVID reopening. By engaging the building occupants, we also boost the overall user experience. The key concerns are hygiene and social distancing. Cleansparency, aided by Zan’s AI platform and smart sensors, provides peace of mind to the building occupants by providing details of cleaning and disinfection in a given area. Cleansparency also provides the necessary data like real time occupancy to enable responsible social distancing.

The building occupants do not need an app, they can scan the QR code with their smartphone camera to access the web portal via wi-fi or internet. The system includes real time notification to the cleaning crew to attend to customer complaints and trend analysis using Zan’s powerful AI platform to understand any chronic issues.

Zan's solution learns by itself using customer and janitor feedback. Zan has multiple methods for collecting user feedback- including displays that can be installed at appropriate locations and QR codes that can be scanned with their phones to provide feedback. The displays and QR codes can also provide occupancy information- with “Safe to Enter” indicators. All these features are in production, deployed at various facilities and providing benefits to its customers.

Proactive Facility Managers

When all relevant data points are monitored in real-time, the facility manager can allocate necessary resources to maintain a high QoS on a just-in-time basis. If the above data was presented raw, it would be insufficient for decision-making. The final pieces needed to create a system that provides meaningful results are machine learning and AI processing. Machine learning will continually detect patterns in and changes to the above factors to provide better recommendations and optimizations. AI automates the data processing and decision-making process to provide real-time meaningful and actionable information.

We are also providing you the ability to track janitors when they are at the restroom performing their job in line with their work schedule. We use beacon and scanner technology to determine when the janitor was in a particular rest room and how long they spent in that rest room. Also, for compliance purposes, if the janitor has to be in a restroom for a specific amount of time, our reports provide you with the ability to compare actual time spent cleaning the restroom versus the time required to be spent.

It is critical for the cleaning staff to publish a schedule and document each cleaning visit to an area. The information can then be provided to the occupants in a specific location, in terms of “last clean time”, "last disinfection time" etc. or can be made available to the building occupants and guests by them just scanning a QR code in an area and getting the relevant cleaning information
  • Making cleaning and disinfection transparent to provide a sense of comfort and confidence to building occupants.
  • Enhance the user experience by engaging the building occupants to provide feedback.
  • Enable responsible social distancing behavior by providing real time occupancy data.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a smart monitoring system in commercial buildings?

A smart monitoring system is a solution involving multiple sensors that can capture data and share it with a central computer; it can also receive instructions from the central computer and act accordingly

What is system monitoring in building management systems?

System monitoring refers to the tracking of a particular activity or event without any need for human intervention after the initial setup. IoT smart building management systems monitor events without using cameras or other such privacy invading equipment.

What is smart building IoT?

Smart building IoT solutions technology involves the use of sensors which collect and transfer building related data over a wireless network without human intervention.

What are the most common use cases for building managers in a smart building IoT?

There are several use cases already for IoT smart building management and they are still evolving. The popular smart building automation systems address needs around energy management, energy efficiency, HVAC, temperature control, lighting control, fire detection, water leaks detection, parking availability detection etc.

What are the different appliances that can be added to smart building systems?

Occupancy tracking devices, energy management systems, queue management, safe distancing, toilet consumables level tracking, cleanliness level tracking, asset management etc. are some examples of smart building IoT solutions.

What is the difference between an IoT building automation system, smart monitoring system and a smart restroom technology solution?

IoT building automation system automates the centralized control of a building's Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC), electrical, lighting, Access Control, Security Systems, and other interrelated systems. Smart buildings have various smart objects (e.g. smart bulbs, smart switches, smart meters) which communicate with each other, share information, and coordinate their actions according to the environment where they are deployed. Smart monitoring systems monitor the performance of smart objects with the help of machine learning techniques. Smart restroom technology solutions combine the capabilities of IoT building automation and smart monitoring systems.

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"Customer satisfaction and reducing complaints on our cleaning services is a key value for our client, Logan International Airport. By utilizing Zan’s system and its alerts, we have been able to provide efficient restroom janitorial services and increase customer satisfaction, which is essential in a customer-driven travel industry setting. An added bonus is providing our employees extra skills by learning to use Zan’s user-friendly system. Thanks to Zan, we have eliminated unnecessary trips to the restrooms and reduced the total number of restroom visits per shift, which has resulted in giving our cleaning staff an extra hour to do more detailed cleaning of common areas and hold room areas."
- Nelson Flores
Sr Accounts Manager
C&W Services

"Zan’s sensor technology allows us to optimize labor, productivity, and restroom supply costs. By monitoring traffic patterns and redirecting labor to areas requiring more frequent cleaning, we bring a cost-effective solution while improving the overall guest experience"
- Holly Borrego
Regional VP of Operations
Western Region for The Service Companies