The cleaning industry is moving towards a new technological era, one that is characterized less by the smart dispensers but more by the data and insights generated by it. Zan’s solution, Zanitor, can be described with 3C’s, collection of data with our smart sensors, curation of data with machine learning & AI algorithms and circulation of data with the open platform that shares the right data, at the right time, to the right people. Zanitor is bringing AI into restrooms, creating truly smart restrooms. “Zan’s next generation radar based sensor, ZanWave, transforms the smart restroom space by providing a comprehensive predictive cleaning technology”. This privacy-aware solution can locate people in a space, understand usage and predict cleaning needs, not just in the restrooms, but conference rooms, common areas and many more.

data collection


Zan Compute sensors measure and securely send data on any consumable; ranging from toilet paper, towel levels, trash can garbage levels, water usage, soap levels, and material inventory. Zan Sensors adapt entirely to existing client devices and are vendor agnostic- they can be fit onto any new or existing fixtures. The data is sent to the cloud using state-of-the-art encryption protecting the data-in-motion.

data curation


The Zanitor automatically analysis the collected data to learn usage and traffic patterns across a facility and translate the data into actionable recommendations. The cloud computing platform handles the entire curation process and delivers insights in real time, for just-in-time operational needs and longitudinal learnings for process efficiency. The platform is open, flexible, and infinitely expandable – any sensor, whether Zan or third party, can be added into the mix.

data curation
data circulation


Ensures that the results from the analytics, alerts, and recommendations reaches the right people at the right time to realize the value of the system. Data and analytics can be securely sent to other applications and information management systems through the open API.

Application Ready & Optimized

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Artificial Intelligence

Zan Compute's intelligent machine learning algorithm enables predictive cleaning of restrooms and common areas in your facilities.

Custodial Process

Optimize your Custodial Process

Zanitor discover trends in your data and manage your resources better. No more wasting time on fixed routes and fixed schedules to service your facility.

Real Time Notification

Real Time Notification

Receive real time notification on your phones and tablets.

User Experience

User Experience

Receive actionable data and insights about your facility on a user-friendly interface.

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